Tuesday, April 18, 2017

EARTH MONTH2017 #LivingAveda


We’re passionately committed to the environment all year long, but Earth Day coming up on April 22nd is particularly special to us because we get to celebrate the cause with our Artists and our guests. Here, some of our friends and partners to tell us why this day is special to them:

Grace Bonney of designsponge.com@Designsponge
“To me, Earth Day is a moment to pause each year and think about the changes I can make to ensure my impact on the earth is smaller and more positive. From adapting the way I eat (eating less meat, eating locally) to improving my patterns of use and re-use.”

Pam Hetlinger, Founder & Editor, The Girl From Panama@pamhetlinger
“Earth Day to me is a reminder to continue to do the little things that I can to help our environment. It’s important to know we can always do more and it takes very little effort.”

Yovana Mendoza (seen above) @rawvana
“Earth Day to me means a celebration to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion and motivate people into action. I believe Earth Day can be celebrated every day for the purpose of improving our planet and ourselves.”

Ryan Trapp, Aveda Artist, Gary Lambert Salon, Winter Park, FL, @Jamesryantrapp
“Earth Day is a holiday to me. We celebrate our earth and the gifts it gives to us. On this day, it's my personal mission to help educate everyone around me to help ensure the prosperity of the planet for the next generation. Being an environmentalist isn't work; it's my proud duty.”

Laura Fagan, Aveda Artist, Aveda Hair Color Pure-fessional, Beehive Salon, Seattle, WA, @laurashaircolorwellness
“Earth Day is a chance to make our planet better than it was a year ago.” 

Some small ways you can make a big difference this Earth Day? Skip a shampoo: Conserve water (and time in the morning) by ditching that step and reaching instead for Shampure™ Shampoo and Conditioner. Do larger, less frequent loads of laundry. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. And, of course, check in on aveda.com for local ways to get involved, such as Appointments for Clean Water.

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