Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Aveda Earth Month 2016 

 Light The Way Candle - Change Lives with One Candle At A Time 

Have you ever have the experience of bring light and hope to someone's life? If you ever did so, you can actually see how their eyes are lighted up and their souls burning alive once again. Like a candle, they burnt bright once again when you extend your helping hand to lit up their wicks to revive that once extinguished flame in their lives.

You can now help light someone's pathway just by purchasing Aveda's signature 'Light The Way' candles which are retailed at SGD 35 where 100% of the full retail price will be donated to Global Greengrants Funds, an organization that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups working to solve environmental problems all around the world.

With each $12 purchase of candles, we are actually able help to provide six months of clean drinking water for a family of six in Umbari, India. With access to clean water, waterborne diseases are significantly reduced and local women can now spend more time taking care of their children instead of having to spend hours a day walking just to collect water.

Aveda had learned that the village of Umbari, India near one of their supplier’s organic farms was experiencing water shortages and contamination during the summer months so that is why they had decided to take action. Providing clean water access to families in India is way of how Aveda gives back to the society and plays a role in solving environmental issues.

The certified organic ginger and ginger lily for the aroma in Aveda's Light the Way Candle was sourced from India. Each brilliant candle has a redolent scent of a pure flower and plant aroma created from 100% certified organic essential oils. This 100% naturally-derived soy wax candle burns cleanly and can last for over 27 hours. The warm and spicy aroma actually energizes me. It's a great scent for the office or work space to keep you alert and at the same time calm while at work. 

Light the Way Candles are stored in 100% reclaimed glass beverage bottle and its outer carton is fabricated from 90% post-consumer recycled (PRC) paperboard, with a portion made from Aveda make-ready materials (sheets of scrap paper that would normally go into the recycling stream).

From the contents of the candle to its packaging, Aveda has put in a lot of thought in it to make this a meaningful item which you can give it as a gift to someone else just so you can light up and brighten their day.
Purchase your Light The Way Candle today!
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