Friday, February 4, 2011

The new recycling program is here!

We just received the new boxes for the recycling program today.  As you may recall we posted an earlier blog stating that we were in the test market for this new recycling program.  We are very excited to get this going and to do everything we can to support this new program.

So here's the deal:
Any AVEDA ONLY products that your regular, at home recycling program will not take from you, Aveda wants you to bring it to us.  We will collect all that we can and send it back to them, where they will recycle it or re-purpose it.  Contributing less to our carbon footprint and helping to live the Aveda mission from the beginning of the products life to it's end.
Please help us send them as much we can. Please remember at this time they are only accepting from us AVEDA products for recycle.
Thanks in advance for your participation in this program.  Lets help Aveda make this successful!

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