Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The most relaxing brow wax you will ever have...

I sat in on a training session with one of our estheticians, Lisa and one of our New Artists, Lauren today.  Lisa was observing what Lauren was doing, giving pointers, and talking her through what she does for all of her waxing guests.  After prepping the face for wax she had Lauren put a few drops of a Chakra oil on her hands and, placing them close to the guests face instructed them to breathe deeply.  She then asked Lauren to push down on the guest shoulders, releasing any tension that they were holding in anticipation of the coming procedure.  During the treatment she spoke in a calm soft voice while giving various instructions to the guest as well as to Lauren. The same two steps were repeated after the hair removal.
I left the spa room feeling like our guest (Kelly!) had just received a very relaxing spa treatment. 
So if you have ever been apprehensive about trying out waxing, please come see our girls here.  They will treat you with kindness and consideration, ease your nerves and your mind and you will leave here feeling great about the experience. 

Experience related by: Jennifer (Front Desk Coordinator and Cutting Trainer)

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