Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A great blowdry at home

We know you love how your stylist does your hair, you leave feeling like a new person, even if you just got a tiny trim!  But these easy steps will help you get a salon blow dry at home, so you can look fabulous in between!

Step # 1
Towel dry your hair

Step # 2
Select the product you wish to use in your hair and rub together in your hands.  Apply product all over hair and comb through with a fine tooth comb.  This evenly distributes the product.  If you are using a root lifter, just apply at roots.

Step # 3
Power Dry! Quickly throughout whole head power dry using hands to get most of the moisture out.

Step # 4
Clip 3/4 of your hair up and starting at the bottom, use a paddle brush or round brush to blow dry each section until dry.  Continue to drop down sections of hair (only as big as you can work with) and dry them completely.

Step # 5
Make finishing touches with curling iron or flat iron if needed and then use your favorite Aveda hairspray or  finishing product to finish the look!

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